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2014 14th Asia-Pacific Automation and Instrumentation (Suzhou) Exhibition

Time: May 7 to 9, 2014

Address: Sue state international expo expo center (suzhou park modern avenue) in the heart

The organizer:

Automation society in jiangsu province

Suzhou xinhua exhibition co., LTD

【 to join Asia Pacific automation, market exploring China's Yangtze river delta advantage 】

Suzhou is one of the fastest growing, the most economically developed cities in China, the Yangtze river delta economic circle geographical center and industrial highland, suzhou industrial gross output value of 3.45 trillion in 2012, ranking first in the country more than Shanghai! Region gross domestic product (GDP) in 2012 to 1.2 trillion, comprehensive strength among the first six (second only to Shanghai, etc.). In suzhou for the geographic center of the Yangtze river delta has become China's most important industry base, the region IT electronics, machinery, textile, automobile, chemical and other industries to flourish, have considerable strength; Global manufacturers like suzhou, 140 of the world's top 500 in suzhou, suzhou has grown into the international manufacturing city, has a considerable scale and supporting capacity, included multinational collaboration system. As a world-class manufacturing base, automation and instrumentation and other related products and technology in suzhou has huge incomparable market demand.

At present, our country is pursuing economic transformation and upgrading and development of strategic emerging industries, the new type of sensor, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, automation of complete sets of production line of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry put forward higher request, also provides a huge market space. In the next five to 10 years, our country intelligent manufacturing equipment industry will usher in the development of the important period of strategic opportunities. And Yangtze river delta as a whole has entered the later period and ascension transition period of industrialization, intelligent manufacture equipment industry facing unprecedented market opportunity here.

It is in this background, the automation and instrumentation (suzhou) exhibition relying on strong, Yangtze river delta in the south of jiangsu industrial strength, market demand, and organizational units accumulated for many years, enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Expo 2014 will "strengthen intelligent applications, promote industrial upgrading" as the theme, in show automation at home and abroad the latest technology products at the same time, focus on prominent accord with the characteristics of Chinese enterprise application solutions, to promote the popularization of automation and instrument technology in domestic industries. Organizers will refer to international successful experience in the holding of exhibitions, fully implement the work of specialized audience organization, focus on inviting from the automotive, electronics, food, chemical, textile, aerospace, machine tools, medical, injection molding, logistics, ceramics, glass, hardware, building materials, casting, leather, environmental protection water treatment, testing, and other industries to carry out the professional audience group. Expect there will be more than 30000 professional audiences to visit, to help you meet a large number of high-quality professional audience, let you always in a leading position in market competition.

The asia-pacific automation instrument exhibition will bring you benefit?"

Maintain the sales network, expand sales channels to meet old and new customers, maintain and strengthen your sales network; Acquisition, negotiation, identify potential customers, agents, wholesalers, With the high quality buyers from home and abroad, requirements, business site regarding the orders and cooperation.

Know the market information, grasp the development trend of extensive contact with Yangtze river delta region's most influential people in the industry and the user enterprise decision-makers and production management, power buyers and r&d engineers; With the general engineer face to face, learn new pre-ipo market feedback information, fast access to market dynamics. Listen to the experts from home and abroad to exchange market dynamic and successful product development mode, share experience, judgment and grasp the future development trend, and as a global manufacturing and industrial center of the Yangtze river delta region of tens of thousands of manufacturing enterprises grow together.

Get media attention - nearly hundred professional and mass media in Paris, new products to get attention and is likely to accept an interview, thanks to the publicity, the strength of the large scope, high density for more marketing opportunities;

Improve enterprise brand value - displayed image between peers and customers at home and abroad, dealing in cutting-edge technologies, improve industry position, brand value degree, visibility and reputation.

【 why Asia Pacific automation instrument exhibition? - share success!]

Industry and location advantages - the Yangtze river delta is China's most developed economy, manufacturing industry the most densely populated region; Giant manufacturing factories at home and abroad gathered in this, dotted with supporting enterprises, developed application market.

Suzhou city resources advantage is the economic center of jiangsu province, has become China's rise "state of the industry", suzhou is the geographical center of Yangtze river delta, can influence region, southern jiangsu region, in the north of direct radiation across the Yangtze river delta and eastern China market. Suzhou distance in major cities in the Yangtze river delta 2 within two hours, the highway high-speed traffic is very developed, national first MICE demonstration area, exhibitors exhibition is very convenient. Is the Chinese and foreign manufacturers to carry out exchanges, exhibition trade cooperation ideally.

Operation and brand advantage - the organizers has more than ten years rich experience in exhibition and complete database of manufacturers, and dedicated, professional, pragmatic, and ensures that the exhibition organization work fruitful; Spring is the key to enterprise centralized purchasing time. Held each spring in the Asia Pacific automation instruments exhibition, in the industry manufacturers, industry organizations and the support of the professional media, after twelve years of accumulation, has become extremely popular automation instruments and new manufacturing professional exhibitions, exhibition exhibition will make ideal expected customer communication effect. Exhibition for an important production base of China, too, geographical and human conditions at present, it should be a success!

Pavilion advantage - suzhou international expo center with convenient transportation, convenient to take the subway bus or drive to purchaser and audience. Is the east China and one of the most popular exhibition in China.

【 why Asia Pacific automation instrument exhibition? - from the exhibition resources!]

Database by the organizing committee of huge amounts of information industry, to file notice, invitation letter, invitation CARDS, visit tickets, exhibition posters, email, phone, fax, DM direct mail, SMS platform, contact the call center, VIP customers one-on-one communication or home visits and other methods to east China manufacturing and application of related enterprises, agents distributors, application and industry association invited, ensure the decision-making ability and purchasing ability of professional audiences to visit the exhibition.

Key invite Yangtze river delta region electronic appliances, electric power, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, instrumentation, textile, machinery, automobile manufacturing, municipal construction, water supply, water treatment, water conservancy, papermaking, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding manufacturers, electronics, defense, aerospace and other industries the company people to visit to discuss purchasing decision-making and production management.

To the national related to the exhibition, visit east China multiple professional automation instrument or commodity market, held a special meeting in industry base; Aimed at the personage inside course of study to focus on propaganda;

Through both at home and abroad a number of professional newspapers, magazines, websites and other media publicity and exhibition information, professional media to achieve interaction with the union, on the exhibition to propaganda and promotion, attract more professional audiences to visit and exchange, the choose and buy. Mass media promotion: the association in the Yangtze evening post, the suzhou daily, gusu evening news, and suzhou, jiangsu television station, such as a large number of published information on the mass media and advertising, for the exhibition held various propaganda.

By foreign agencies in China (including the embassy, chamber of commerce association and various trade organization) for promotion.

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